Warehouse Entrepot Management

Batu Logistics offers unbonded warehouse services according to customer demands in all regions of Turkey. It has bonded and unbonded warehouses in Gebze Dilovası and Büyükçekmece, 55000 sqm. of area in total. Moreover investment was made in 2018 for two warehouses in Germany’s Bergkamen and Nürnberg cities.

Services are offered with the bonded and unbonded warehouse facilities to customers, mainly including chemistry sector in addition to our customers who operate in automotive, food, FMCG products, packing sector, health and cosmetic sectors. Value added services are offered in addition to creating special solutions for customer demands. Solutions can be created for subjects such as those related to stock information according to production date, expiry date, serial number tracking, lot tracking, FIFO, LIFO required for barcode controlled processes and operations, order management, labeling, barcoding, adding booklets, palletization, creation of pallets, stretching, product packing and placement, pallet strapping, box opening and product unloading as well as warehouse offices appointed to the usage of customers.

The warehouses contain back to back shelf systems with 12 mt. of height, with 3000 Kg safe load capacity for each shelf slot. The width of the corridor between shelves is 310cm, which allows fastest operations.

Jungheinrich brand Reach Truck machines are inseparable parts of the warehouse works. Moreover, SWM (Siber WarehouseManagment) software module is used for bonded entrepot activities.

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