Our Brief History

Having started its journey in the logistics sector in 2002, Batu Logistics achieved many significant successes by realizing many of its projects and investment goals from past until today. It has continued to improve its service quality based on the principle of continuous innovation by closely observing all the developments in the sector that may create added value for its customers and stakeholders. It takes firm steps towards becoming an international logistics services provider in this process by improving its foreign structure in addition to its warehouse, entrepot, fleet and important agency memberships.

  • 2002

    Company’s Foundation

    Batu Logistics was founded to achieve great goals, by offering quality services.

  • 2004

    Fleet Investment

    Towing truck and trailer investments were made for road transport.

  • 2010

    International Forwarding Association (IFA) Membership

    Batu Logistics became a member of IFA, which includes 42 companies from 26 countries and which offers solutions in subjects such as customs clearance, logistic storage and customer-sales activities etc. Thanks to this membership, we are able to function as if we have branches in 26 countries in Europe.

  • 2014

    Gebze Entrepot Investment

    Batu Logistics has become able to carry out storage services in addition to transport services thanks to the warehouse in Gebze. A-type general entrepot with 4000 sqm. of indoor area and capacity of 7250 pallets as well as the free warehouse with 8500 sqm. of indoor area and capacity of 12534 pallets offer storage services suitable for every sector.

  • 2014

    Batu Group of Companies

    Newly founded companies with various purposes and Batu Logistics are all gathered under the roof of Batu Group of Companies.

  • 2015

    Büyükçekmece Fleet Park Investment

    Vehicle parking facility and the export & domestic logistics warehouse services are put into service in Büyükçekmece with an area of more than 20.000 sqm.

  • 2016

    Italy Office Opening

    Office opening in Italy’s Trieste city.

  • 2017

    Konya Office Opening

    A new office was opened to coordinate the domestic operations.

  • 2018

    Konya Warehouse Investment

    A warehouse investment was made in Konya considering the domestic transports and the production capacity in Anatolia.

  • 2018

    Germany Office Opening

    A new office investment was made in Nürnberg city to coordinate the operations in Germany.

  • 2018

    Germany Warehouse Investment

    An investment was made for two warehouses in Germany’s Bergkamen and Nürnberg cities to strengthen the transport and storage operations in Europe.

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