Logistics support to new organized industrial zones // UTA Logistics Journal

Yayın Adı: UTA Logistics Journal

Final stage has been reached in the moving process of SMEs operating in İstanbul to the country. İn this scope, 3000 companies were delivered transportation notice and the costs are expected to decrease by 50% with the incentives offered by the state. This transformation is of particular concern to logistics industry which is one of tlıe most important industries in terms of trade volume increase. New organized industrial zones established in the scope of this transformation in distant locations from logistics centers mean an increase in transportation operations in these regions. Batu International Logistics Executive Board Chairman Taner Ankara who commented on the subject said that the transportation operations in the newly established organized industrial zones might remain insufficient, that these regions are quite important for logistics industry and that the investments made in these regions has to increase. Taner Ankara, stating that they decided to increase storage investments in Anatolia due to the production facilities relocating to Anatolia with the state incentive, said “Now in order for the transportation operations to carry on without interference in these newly established organized industrial zones, we include in our plans to focus on our operations in these regions.