Intermodal Transport

Intermodal transport is about carrying the loads with the single and same transportation unit, or by road transport vehicles with two or more transportation modes without handling the load inside. In this transportation type within the door-to-door transport chain, the transport unit or transport vehicle (trailer) that contains the load inside is handled instead of the load.

Batu Logistics offers door to door transport services by using various transport types that reduce the transport cost by creating added value with the intermodal transport system. Such a system makes it possible to benefit from the advantages of each transport mode in order to offer door to door transport services.

Intermodal transport’s another benefit is reducing the CO2 emission and energy consumption per load unit. In the intermodal load transportation, the load within the container or the trailer is moved with a combination of transport types from the beginning point until the last point. The most important feature is being able to freely change the equipment between the modes. A container piece of a truck can be carried within a plane or a railroad vehicle can be transported by sea.

The advantages of the Intermodal Transport is as below.
Regular transportation, regular loading, regular unloading possibilities and fixed price advantage
Less affected by bad weather conditions when compared to other transport systems
The accident risk is lower when compared to road
Ecological transport that does not pollute the environment
Maximum loading optimization as the ceilings of the swap bodies can be raised
Easiness of control and tracking as all wagons are located at the same point
Specific route and specific program with the dedicated block train
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