From the President

The concept of logistics has a significant share in the development of a country’s economy in addition to ensuring that the healthy growth can be achieved and the companies can continue to exist for long years. Therefore a logistics sector that can function in a correct and healthy way will make its positive effects felt in every area of life. As Batu Logistics, it has always been our goal to keep the logistic service quality at the highest level since the day of our foundation. Every time we reached our goals, we imagined about going one step further.

Today we have become an international company that can offer services in all logistic modes, which can transport customers to many points of the world in a safe way. Without doubt, our approach to human resources and logistics is among the most important factors behind this success. Thanks to this we act with the responsibility of carrying our country’s export and import loads, despite of all problems of the sector.

We pay attention to ensure economic and environmental sustainability in all transport operations we carry out. We fulfill the needs and demands of our customers in all of our operations and provide them with the most correct transport service. We are increasing our power in Europe and many countries of the world, thanks to network memberships such as IFA and WCA.

In each case we adopt the”people first” principle. In this scope we are also fulfilling our duties in social sensitivity subjects. It is our goal to be helpful to people and environment with our social responsibility projects.

We see all of our business partners as our friends in this journey and we feel the justified pride of reaching our goals by growing together.

We will continue to work without sacrificing quality and continue to create solutions for all problems in logistics sector in the future, like we have been doing since 2001.


Taner Ankara

Batu Logistics 

Chairman of the Board

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