Career Management

There are career opportunities within the body of Batu Logistics in various areas.


–Road Import Operation,
–Road Export Operation,
–Airline, Maritime and Railroad Operations,

At domestic and international level,

–Marketing “The employer brand” identity comes to the fore for the new graduates, experienced experts and managers who want to work in these areas to develop a career in these fields.

The development rates of all employees are assessed at the beginning of each year according to the results of the applied “Performance Management System” scores and individual career maps are created. The main purpose here is to determine the aspects, in which the employees should improve themselves and to make them stronger. It is high priority for Batu Logistics to train its administrators within its own body.

When the new employees are selected, a process without personal judgment is carried out as required by the properties of the related position. There are various interview and evaluation methods used to correctly measure the properties a candidate should have, according to the position level.

It is a method applied to evaluate the experience, knowledge and skill levels of the candidates. The candidates’ responsibility awareness and the possible future performances based on their past experiences are tried to be anticipated based on structured interviews.

Various inventories are used to understand the behavioral tendencies of the candidates. The competences are evaluated from the eyes of the candidates based on tests which are proven to be reliable.

Written and oral exams are carried out if foreign language knowledge has priority in terms of the requirements of the position.

Moreover, the purpose is to find the most correct candidate for our company, by carrying out verbal and numerical talent exams and via evaluation center applications.

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