About Us

Batu Logistics has begun its operations in the logistics sector with road transport in 2002. Thanks to the experience and capacity it gained during long years, it has become a company that can create solutions for all needs.

Having adopted the strict principles of continuous improvement, honesty and prestige, it is a corporate logistics company that offers innovative solutions in the sector. Its main goal is the offer the best services to its customers.

Batu Logistics offers the solutions of road, maritime, airline, railroad and intermodal transport as well as warehouse management, customs clearance and external trade; it operates with the principle of the environmentally-friendly green logistics thanks to its network of communication and infrastructure. Moreover it continues to expand its organization in many areas, mainly including Europe.

It strictly adheres to the principles of the continuous improvement, honesty and prestige in the logistics sector where it offers integrated services.

Batu Logistics provides you with privileges:

  • It offers innovative solutions.
  • Customer satisfaction comes first.
  • Integrated logistic services are offered.
  • It continuously improves its technological infrastructure.
  • It follows an environmentally-friendly service philosophy.
  • It is available 7/24 with its teams who are experts in their fields.
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