5PL (Fifth Party Logistics)

In general meaning, Fifth Party Logistics (5PL) services is the supply chain management in which the supply, logistic, customs services, warehouse services and stock management are all managed from a single point.

Correct cost management, correct usage of the human resources and saving time become possible in this scope.

In all 5PL processes the customer, supplier and other parties closely consult to each other in operational meaning, and they stay in contact in real time thanks to the software infrastructure.

Batu International Logistics offers a reliable process in 5 PL services. It plans all of the processes in scope of any product need of the served business partners and carries out the management in the safest and fastest way.

5PL Process Management

  1. The purchase offers are obtained by reaching the supplier(s) of any needed product. The order and purchasing processes are carried out after the assessment.
  2. The transport model for the purchased products according to the demanded delivery date is determined. The group companies manage the international and domestic transport operations.
  3. The products are transported to the free warehouse or bonded warehouse or the address stated by the customer according to customer demand.
  4. If the nationalization stage is demanded for the products brought to our country, it is carried out by the group companies or the customer who is the main owner of the material according to the demand.
  5. The products are kept waiting in nationalized status at the bonded or unbonded area of the group of companies if requested, and the deliveries are planned based on the needed date in scope of correct stock management processes.
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